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Cool Kids are ambassadors of nature preservation, working with princesses, fairies, robots and other magical friends on a mission to preserve mother earth by teaching humans to reuse, recycle and reduce wasteful consumption.
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  Jason's Best Buddy
  It was September 2009 when a cute and endearing Fluffy Friend caught my attention in the infant section of a known department store here in Bacolod City. It was a simple black & white cow with light ...
  My Cat's Bestfriend
  As someone who trains and creates training for and about customer service, my expectations on how companies interact with their customers are pretty high. Today, Funtastic International Inc. did not o...
  Finding my lost "FLUFFY FRIEND"
  I would like to share this Commendatory Letter for the whole staff of FLUFFY FRIENDS, especially to Miss Queza and Mr. Daryanani, who made it possible to help me replace the “lost BUNNY FRIEND”, n...

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