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Fluffy Friends
Jason's Best Buddy
It was September 2009 when a cute and endearing Fluffy Friend caught my attention in the infant section of a known department store here in Bacolod City. It was a simple black & white cow with light blue patches on each side and a “Fluffy Friends by CoolKids” labeled on triangular pendant stitched on his chest. I immediately purchased and added it to my baby’s needs checklist as I’ll be expecting our first born son on October same year. Long months of waiting had ended when I finally gave birth to Jared Azriel on Oct.3. A bouncing baby boy together with his fluffy friend were finally home after 2 days in the hospital. Since then Jared and his Fluffy Friend, Jason, never leave each other. Jared can’t sleep without his classical lullaby and Jason at his side, picking on its black ear. Jason became his best bud all throughout the year. They’ve been together in every picture takings, during his Christening and lately his 1st birthday. But sadly, all good things never last. I’m worried that Jason will be worn-out due to frequent washing. And Jared can’t sleep without Jason at his side. We even put his fluffy friend in a dryer so that it will dry easily. So I tried my luck to sign-up at, the tag attached to his Fluffy Friend, taking chances to communicate to one of the staff of the company. And finally, a confirmation email from Mr.Rex Daryanani,CEO of Funtastic International Inc., acknowledging my membership. At first I was hesitant to email him. He’s the Boss, the President, but at the back of my mind is my son. So in short, I emailed him and I was so delighted by Mr. Daryanani’s immediate response telling me that he and his staff will do their best, by all means, to find same fluffy friend even if it’s in different color. It was overwhelming to find a company that’s concerned with the feelings, needs and sentiments of their clients. And not only that, the idea of promoting the love for our Mother Earth through their products is really inspiring. In less than 5 days we received Jared’s new Fluffy Friend. I can’t explain his happiness while hugging his best bud Jason and newly-found friend Moo. Some may find this as a petty stuff but for me this stuff made my son as the happiest child in the whole wide world so it’s HUGE stuff! Thank you very much Mr. Daryanani and Ms. Glynda and the rest of the staff of FUNTASTIC INTERNATIONAL INC. I will never get tired of sharing this experience to everyone. More power! Very truly yours, Jakie and Jared Villanueva

My Cat's Bestfriend
As someone who trains and creates training for and about customer service, my expectations on how companies interact with their customers are pretty high. Today, Funtastic International Inc. did not only meet my expectations, but exceeded them. My beloved cat has had a plush leopard since he was a kitten. It's his best friend. Over the years, the toy has deteriorated, with it is the toy's label/tag. I had no way of knowing where to get another toy like that. I searched every mall and online store... nothing. One day, at Timezone, I saw the toy. They refused to sell it to me, but allowed me to read the label/tag. I thought it was worth a shot to contact the company. In my email I told them how badly I needed this toy and attached a picture of my cat lounging with his plush leopard. When I checked my email a day after I almost fell off my chair. The president of Funtastic International personally emailed me and said they had a toy similar to what I was looking for. He and his staff didn't stop at that, we fired emails back and forth and made arrangements on how I can most conveniently and efficiently get the toy. You see, this is not just a stuff toy and they understood that. This was my cat's favorite toy in the world. My cat is not just a pet to me. He is family. This testimonial, well, it's is not just another story about a happy customer. It's about me recommending Funtastic International to all my friends and family. I am that happy. Pinay Shipley and Sasami Shipley (my cat)

Finding my lost "FLUFFY FRIEND"
I would like to share this Commendatory Letter for the whole staff of FLUFFY FRIENDS, especially to Miss Queza and Mr. Daryanani, who made it possible to help me replace the “lost BUNNY FRIEND”, named “BABA” of my 2 years old daughter, Bea. It is her “PRICELESS BUNNY” ever. They were together since my baby is 5 months old. The day, when her “BUNNY” was lost was when we were in Festival Mall Alabang. We were buying things needed in preparation for her 2nd birthday. All we know was when we are about to leave and checked all the baggage, there was no “BABA” anymore. Running out of time; since the mall is about to close that time, we tried to look for it everywhere we went but no “BABA” found until we went home. I was so worried how to tell her and what to do if she looked for it when she’s about to sleep because it’s her companion all way to her sleep. She can’t sleep and drink milk without it. The next day, hoping that it was found by utility men and asked for it in the Security Office of the Mall, but unfortunately there was no Bunny found. I tried to look for FLUFFY FRIENDS BRAND in every toy stores and toy section of department stores but there was no available exact toy as my baby’s BABA. I was so desperate, when I looked for the brand “FLUFFY FRIENDS” and copied your website. So gratefully it was written on its brand tag. We visited your site and tried to get the phone numbers. Luckily when I called and talked to Miss Queza, she asked if we can send a picture of the lost “bunny” so they could check on their stocks. Next thing we did was to send a picture of it and eventually Miss Queza told that their final stock was a “pink bunny” (my baby’s green “BUNNY”). But I agreed to purchase it even it’s not the same color. But I’m still asking Miss Queza, hoping if they still have a green color of it. Hoping it will be my gift for my baby on her birthday that we could go to your office but sadly, we don’t have companion to find your office, so we have to wait for brother-in-law’s availability so they can accompany us to go your office. The day came and I tried to make way to leave my work early. We were so happy and thinking how much will that Bunny may cost, while we’re on our way to your office. Upon arrival to your office, we waited outside, we thought, we will be accommodated outside only. But we were shocked when Ms. Queza invited us inside their office and finally gave the pink bunny to my baby. So amazed, that the “boss” Mr. Daryanani was there to meet my baby and personally told that we don’t need to purchase the “Bunny” it was given to my baby for FREE. We’re so happy and I was holding my tears of joy, knowing that our prayers were answered to find the Bunny of my baby. Innocently my baby cuddled the Pink Bunny. It was over whelming that Mr. Daryanani allowed us to visit the showroom to take some souvenir photos. When we were there inside the showroom, a staff had brought a “Green Bunny” exactly as same as my baby’s BABA that’s why my happiness was doubled for my baby, although she doesn’t really still know what’s happening around her. She’s sleepy already that’s why when we asked her to pose for a photo, no energy anymore. But she still does some poses as her souvenir inside the Fluffy Friend showroom. This experience was really a privilege for me and my family especially to my baby that we will not forget. Aside from the good quality of stuffed toy, the persons behind all the works of your company were great and kindhearted. I wish you all the best for your good company, especially to Mr. Daryanani and Ms. Queza. More success to your business and I hope that you will never stop lending your hands to anyone who will be needing help. May God shower you more blessings. Now my baby has two BUNNY FRIENDS and loves them so much. Thank you so much in behalf of my baby, Bea.☺ Sincerely, Mrs. Jill Cabiling and Family

Cool Kids at Umagang Kay Ganda
26 May 2010

Cool Kids’ latest Back-to-School bags, shoes and accessories was recently featured in Umagang Kay Ganda, anchored by Ms. Winnie Cordero. Apart from showcasing the latest product line offerings, the “Saving the Planet” advocacy was discussed by its president, Mr. Rex Daryanani. Cool Kids is not only a brand of cool stuff for kids but more so a brand that teaches kids to care for our environment. And one way to educate kids is by placing tips on how to help save and care for mother earth, on the packaging of each of our product. This encourages parents to read and explain to their children the importance of these tips and encourage them to put it into practice. “As a parent, caring for the environment would not only be beneficial to us, but more so to our children.” Mr. Daryanani says. Top quality of our products is guaranteed, as discussed by the company’s Operations Manager, Ms. Glynda Espinosa. Upon receipt of finished goods from China, we make sure that quality measures are checked. From the size, color, design to its durability & functionality. “Our people ensure that all quality standards are met before merchandise is released for delivery.” Cool Kids pledges to give customers not only cool stuff but World Class products.