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Funtastic International Inc.
was founded in the year 2000. Its vision is to become the leading provider of fun and world-class children's fashion from people who care about the future generation and the world they live in.

The Vision is to be a global provider of fun and world-class Children’s fashion espousing the value of preserving the Earth’s natural environment for future humanity.

Its mission is to help children realize the value of preserving natural resources and avoiding wasteful consumption.

  Funtastic International Inc. markets children’s bags, apparel, footwear and accessories under the brand
Cool Kids.

Cool Kids aims to teach children the importance of preserving the Earth planet’s natural resources so future generations of children may continue to live safely and happily.
Other branded characters rely on magic, make-believe world and aspiration as their stories to tell for their potential market.

Cool Kids does the same but takes on real, contemporary world issues like caring for planet Earth, the environment and maintaining eco-balance all at an ultimate objective of teaching children to reuse, recycle and reduce wasteful consumption.